Espanyol clings to the VAR unions to overcome Atlético in the offices

From the parakeet club they have a chance to continue on their way to permanence

He Spanish Nothing is going well this season and after the match against Atlético, where refereeing errors were made, VAR could be salvation. And it is that although the duel finished in tie, the goal of Antoine Griezmann caused enough controversy since it was declared ‘ghost’ and would be key to request the three points.

Let’s remember that the fight in the relegation places is quite even and if the VAR can play in favor of Espanyol’s match against Atlético, the illusion of not falling to Second can return. If he is awarded victory, he could compete with 37 points to the clubs that are currently fighting not to fall. and that they have 38 units.

Atlético Espanyol Var
Espanyol is in suspense for what could happen with the VAR after requesting annulment of the match against the mattresses

From the VAR they have generated controversy with the goal that was awarded to Atlético and Espanyol has decided to request the annulment of the match

In this way, the parakeets have issued a strong statement, where they hope that the match will be cancelled. Through this communication, they have highlighted that they have felt violated by what happened. In addition, they have said that the image used to validate the Frenchman’s goal is not clear to make such a decision.

The VAR has been the great protagonist in a match where Espanyol and Atlético have sparked. Now, everything could take an unexpected turn, since the complaints raised by the Catalan team would be the last salvation they would have. This yes, the last word will have it LaLiga.

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The shot that was used to determine Griezmann’s goal left many doubts

In that order of ideas, the team led by Luis García would be clinging to what is finally determined. In any case, the match they played against one of the top teams in the standings is a boost for what is yet to come in terms of matchdays. This also creates some illusion.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with the resolution of this match. For now, Espanyol will fight until the end and in the offices they will seek to get the three points against Atlético after a disastrous mistake in VAR. The expectation is high, since there are only two days left that seem exciting.

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