Esfuminho with aromatic herbs –

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Sahumar with herbs unlocks energy, cleans and purifies the environments you inhabit and can become a good daily habit. Just as we care for and clean our home and body, it is also possible and advisable to clean our home or workplace.

Sahuming our spaces is a way to restore harmony and balance in the home and workplace. It is an ancestral rite in which we burn aromatic herbs, barks or resins, allowing the smoke to reach every corner of an environment, especially the corners of walls, drawers and recesses.

Sometimes it happens that environments are energetically unbalanced or a certain object brings its own charge and a good cleaning is necessary.

Sahumar allows us to be more connected to the earth, to think more clearly, to feel the harmony of the house and of ourselves.

When is it recommended to smoke with herbs?

Sahumar is ideal for those times when we need mental clarity, decrease anxiety or stress; when we feel low or strange energy in us or at home; for when we need to find inspiration or connect with nature while in the city… and why not, when we need to enjoy our senses.

There are very special situations in which blurring environments may be especially necessary: ​​before and after a move, with the arrival of a newborn or a new pet; before the inauguration of a commercial establishment; after a strong argument or fight; after a party or meeting where many people attended; before an important event, harmonize the space for what will happen; when people are about to arrive or leave, etc.

The main clucking herbs and their benefits are:

  • copal: ideal for deep cleaning.
  • Wise: purifies the environment
  • rosemary and rue: Protects from negative energies.
  • lavender and eucalyptus: relieves emotions and gives mental clarity and peace.
  • for the saint: Helps to enlarge the view.
  • Sugar: sweetens the home and harmonizes if there are conflicts or a lot of anguish in the house.
  • Lower leg: Offers calm and protection.
  • Tobacco: cleans the physical body of negative energies and protects it.
  • Myrrh: Raises the vibration of the space or what it touches.
  • Incense: energetically detoxifies; ideal for blessing altars, rituals and objects.

It is also possible to make combinations to smoke with herbs. For example, for an energetic cleansing of the body and the house, a mixture of sage, rosemary and rue can be made. The so-called “alchemical pastes”, a mixture of energetically activated plants, are also very useful. They give a vibrational boost to the plant’s energy, and make the end result more potent.

How to smoke with aromatic herbs?

For the preparation it will be necessary🇧🇷

  • An earthenware or ceramic bowl that withstands heat.
  • A base on which to place the bowl so as not to burn the surfaces where it rests. There are individual ceramic incense burners with handles to be able to clean the body and house. If not, you can use an earthenware jar and a wooden base.
  • Round coals you can get in santerías. To smoke with copal, palo santo, cinnamon, tobacco or sugar, just one charcoal. If you want to do house cleaning with three herbs, use three embers and place each herb on an ember. If you have herbs rolled up in the form of sahumo, you can light them without charcoal.


  • When lighting charcoal, a not very pleasant smoke is released, so it is convenient to light them outdoors with the help of a match and then introduce the bowl into the closed space. Close all windows and openings in the house so that the smoke reaches all environments.
  • This staining technique, our experts agree, requires us to create a bond with the plants. It is an ancient tool that supports the power of intention and communication with herbs. These are practices that we inherited from the shamans of our continent.
  • Before placing the herbs in the bowl, talk to them, giving them your prayers that they will do “their work.” It is a way of acknowledging your power. Start by placing a teaspoon as a quantity reference and add as they burn.
  • Then, pass the smoker starting at the end farthest from the door. Focus on getting the smoke close to walls, in corners, under the table or bed. Do this especially inside cupboards, drawers or places where you feel the energy can stagnate.


Once the whole house is smoked, place the bowl where you feel it needs the most cleaning and leave your house or space you smoked in for an hour for the herbs to continue cleaning up. When he comes back, he fans everything out so the smoke disappears along with everything he cleaned up. Take a bath or shower to release your energy.

If there are charcoal residues and burnt herbs, you can dispose of them in the compost or on the ground, thanking them for the work done.



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