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Eric García is not central neither for FC Barcelona nor for the Spanish National Team

There are footballers who make the seasons go by and stay at the top even though they don’t have the level to do so. The examples are many, but the most evident today is that of Eric Garcia, the zero-cost signing that Fútbol Club Barcelona snatched from Manchester City this past summer.

Looking at the resume of the young Spanish defender, few would think that he is not one of the best defenders in the world. He has defended the colors of two great clubs and is a regular in the calls of the Spanish National Team with Luis Enrique. But it is enough to see 15 minutes of a meeting of his to know all his ample shortcomings and his few strengths.

The cons outweigh the pros

– What is Eric Garcia good at? Basically, in the exit of the ball. He is a footballer with a lot of clairvoyance when it comes to finding a free partner and breaking lines with the ball, solving the pressure. Better for Barça from several seasons ago, but hey, there it is.

– What is Eric Garcia bad at? His physique makes him a very soft defender, he is always outmatched in one-to-one, he is not fast or strong, his passing game is practically nil, error in the marks, lapses in concentration, misreading of many defensive situations …

The scale does not compensate, it falls blatantly to the negative side. And yes, we are still talking about a young player with a lot of ceiling to grow. Whether he ends up doing it or not will tell us over time. But right now it is not level defense for a FC Barcelona or a Spanish team that plays a title in days, it is a no-brainer like a big castle.


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