Eric, another Busquets case

Eric Garcia has been one of the most discussed Barça players at the start of the season. Signed at zero cost, but by absolutely personal decision of the player, who undressed before Guardiola to tell him that he only wanted to wear the Barça shirt again, everyone is clear that he is a center-back for years at Can Barça. The beginning, however, is being difficult.

Eric’s case is dangerously similar to that of Sergio Busquets. MWhile in the National Team he has been remarkable in the Eurocup, outstanding in the Games, and last Sunday he endured all the attacks of the French forwards until one of the decisions with fewer feet and head in the history of football after VAR ended the Selection at San Siro; at Barça he has touched disaster, except in his debut against Real. Devastated by the Williamses, he was expelled in San Mamés. Against Bayern, an improper gesture of his after a shot by Müller ended in 0-1, although the blame for that goal is shared with a goalkeeper, Ter Stegen, who was thrown before the account. Finally, on Benfica’s day he was soft against Darwin at 1-0, he suffered the small humiliation of having to change his profile in the defense of three so as not to expose himself more to the striker; and, finally, he was sent off, which will prevent him from playing against Dynamo Kiev this Wednesday.

However, Araújo’s injury will give him revenge and Eric will be able to start this Sunday against Valencia. It is easy to think that Eric may have a problem similar to that of Busquets in the National Team. Accustomed to the way of life at City, and now with Luis Enrique, the center-back has no fear of advancing his position so that the pressure is compact. With Laporte, he had no problem against France. With Piqué as a dance partner at Barça it is costing him. Veteran, Piqué tries to protect himself so as not to discover his current limitations in speed. That ends up weighing down the rest of the players who go ‘to the truth’ in the pressure. Eric was not at Wanda, but that was Barça’s problem in Atlético’s 1-0. This Sunday, it is possible that he will repeat with Piqué as a dance partner. Eric has the opportunity for an express rematch before him. At an opportune moment, in addition, because it may be the perfect moment to win a place for the Clásico, since he will not be able to play in the Champions League. Because of how he expresses himself and how he feels about football and the club, the fans are as eager or more than he is for the weekend to go well.

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