Environment: these signs that completely do without plastic

Shopping without any plastic is now possible. A supermarket near Lille (Nord) offers meat, dairy products and even cosmetics sold in returnable glass jars. Maxence Lefort, in charge of the “Drive all naked”, prepares the order that a customer will come to collect.It is a zero waste supermarket, where you will find all the products of the classic mass distribution but we will present a version without single-use packaging.“, he explains.

Reusable up to 40 times

Maxence Lefort washes the jars himself so that he can then reuse them. Customers bring the empty jars back to him and earn 0.10 cents per container brought back. Today, this deposit system is attracting more and more companies. One of them has thus embarked on the delivery of returnable bottles.They can be reused up to 40 times, so it’s still much more virtuous than single use“, comments Stéphane Dessein, co-founder of the “Vourgon”.

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