Environment: the European Parliament and the Member States reach an agreement to ban the import of products resulting from deforestation

The European Parliament and the governments of the Member States of the European Union reached an agreement on Tuesday, December 6, to ban the import of several products into the European Union, when they contribute to deforestation.

This agreement targets several products such as cocoa, coffee, soy or palm oil. Wood, beef and rubber are also concerned, as are several associated materials (leather, chocolate, furniture, paper, charcoal, etc.). Their import will be prohibited if these products come from deforested land after December 31, 2020, Parliament said in a statement. a statement (in English).

The Parliament and the Council of the European Union will have to formally approve this agreement. In its press release, the European Parliament recalls that deforestation has caused the loss of an area larger than the European Union between 1990 and 2020, and that the consumption of products in Europe is responsible for around 10% of these losses.

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