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Entrance to Elliot overshadows everything

Entrance to Elliot overshadows everything

Liverpool have regained the tone they lost last year. With no signings in the team but with all of its players available, without any injuries, Jurgen Klopp’s team is once again a steamroller. Against Leeds it was 0-3 but it could have been more, after multiple arrivals to the Meslier area.

Salah, Mané and Fabinho were the authors of the goals that bring the reds up to third position in the table in the Premier League with 10 points, the same as Manchester United and Chelsea. Candidates for the title already lead … and it is difficult to think that, except with the inclusion of Chelsea, there will be any more guests in this fight.

Liverpool’s superiority was evident during the first half. Except for a clear opportunity from Rodrigo that he failed to define against Alisson, the reds dominated the duel at will. Key was the right sector, where between Alexander-Arnold and Salah they understood to open spaces and generate dangerous occasions. This is how the first goal of the afternoon came: assist of the first, goal of the second, neither more nor less than the 100th goal in Salah’s account with the Liverpool jersey.

It was only one goal until the break but it could have been three or four judging by the times they went around Meslier’s goal. In the center of the field, Thiago Alcántara achieved his first start of the season -and he was annulled somewhat for offside-while above Diogo Jota was once again Klopp’s chosen one.

Fabinho extended the lead with the 0-2 at the exit of a corner, just after passing through the changing rooms. With the distance of two goals, Liverpool had already achieved a margin of tranquility that they deserved long before. In the end, and after several attempts, Mané made it 0-3 final.

The negative note of the meeting came midway through the second half: a non-aggressive tackle from Struijk hooked Elliott’s ankle and silenced Elland Road. Instantly the two medical teams came out of the band and the footballers put their hands to their heads. At 18 years old and after having stood out in the first days, already as a starter in Klopp’s scheme, Elliott came out on a stretcher, with his leg immobilized and still not knowing if it was his last game of the season.

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