Enter Fortnite: Metallica’s Rhythmic Rise

Metallica, the legendary American rock group, continues to be one of the most notable year after year. With their music, they have conquered multiple generations, achieving a successful career that continues today even outside the real world.

And it is that Fortnite and Metallica announced that the battle pass would begin on June 13, Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury, a musical experience within the game itself that expanded to all parts of the video game, from Battle Royale to Rocket Racing, to LEGO. With several concerts, fans of the group will be able to enjoy seeing the band live from their homes on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd.

Arm yourself with the band’s instruments to enjoy the concert

“We’ve been lucky enough to perform on every continent, so we’re setting our sights on Fortnite as our next stop,” Metallica explained in the message they began with, announcing that they would perform in the games created by Epic Games this coming month.

Now, if you are also a big fan of the band, you can watch the concerts dressed as one of them and even with their instruments, thanks to the Metallica battle pass that is already active in Fortnite. The free section allows you to get posters, dances and even some instruments, but the main thing comes with the paid one.

As we say, the free section allows you, in its last level, to get the Slurp Blaster guitar. However, with the premium you can unlock many other rewards. Of first, as soon as we get it we can play as Lars Ulrich, putting ourselves in the shoes of the legendary drummer.

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At levels two, nine and eleven, with the same pass we can get the rest of the band. The first will be Robert Trujillo, the second Kirk Hammett and the last James Hetfield, with which we will complete the paid season pass.

But this is not all. At levels six and ten, cool rewards also await us. In the first we can get Lars’ TAMA drums, and in the second the legendary Gibson Les Paul, also called ‘Greeny’. All this is part of the Metallica event, which is currently happening in Fortnite and that we can enjoy within season 4 of the game.

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