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Enrique Clemente is making Racing de Ferrol nervous with his interest in LaLiga

The central defender is still one of the stars of the “Green Devils” club and could come into the focus of the First Division clubs

Racing de Ferrol continues to have a season at the highest levelas protagonists in Second and We rely on top players like Enrique Clemente. And the performance put in by the defender on loan from Las Palmas was first class, sparking interest from several LaLiga EA Sports clubs.

Let’s remember this Enrique Clemente ends his loan contract at Racing de Ferrol until summer 2024. It was a one-year loan deal given to a promising player who made the most of the minutes he was given. Now he is one of the most prominent in one of LaLiga’s surprise clubs Hypermotion.

Enrique Clemente
The defender during his time at Real Zaragoza

The performance shown by Enrique Clemente at Racing de Ferrol has brought him into the orbit of several First Division clubs

It is therefore clear that the “Green Devils” club is now waiting for the player’s future. With all the performance the 24-year-old defender has shown this season, There are several clubs that have started inquiring about his recruitment. Although the club wants to extend the loan, this will be quite complex.

In this order of ideas, Enrique Clemente is not allowed to continue at Racing de Ferrol. Currently, the defender is the most outstanding in terms of the highest success rate in defensive duels in LaLiga Hypermotion. Their numbers are very important as the metric is 83.56%. Without a doubt, it was a remarkable performance.

Las Palmas could consider returning the standout defender if Mika Mármol leaves

With this in mind, and with many clubs having problems in their back quartet, the opportunity to sign a young and very talented player could be a bargain. Las Palmas could even consider giving this player chances in the first team. He can be the defender who replaces Mika Mármol, who has many girlfriends in Spain.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now, Racing de Ferrol continues to enjoy Enrique Clemente’s football which can be the key to promotion. It is one of the weapons that You can have the ones from A Malata It is about to complete the course, which will be quite demanding.

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