Enraged by the challan, the citizen destroyed his car

Amman: A citizen in Jordan got angry after being challaned 3 times and pushed the car from the top of the mountain and destroyed the car.

According to Al-Arabiya Net, a citizen in Jordan took a video of his car falling off the top of a hill and posted it on the social networking website Facebook.

Jordanian citizen Shadi al-Madaha could not control his anger after he was cited for 3 traffic violations in Al Karak governorate of southern Jordan, so he had no choice but to push his car off a mountain top.

He destroyed his own vehicle while refusing to fill the vehicle challan.

In a live video on Facebook, outraged citizen Jafar Al-Mudahida explained what happened to him.

He explained that he woke up yesterday morning and went to buy a kilo of lemons, where a traffic sergeant stopped him and issued a challan.

He said that the violation should have been from one clause, the argument escalated to a violation of 3 clauses, which the man denied. There has been a mixed reaction on social media for his behavior.

On the other hand, the media spokesman of the Jordanian Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amir Al-Saratavi, gave the details of the vehicle’s traffic violation.

He confirmed that the driver of the vehicle stopped him in a manner that obstructed the traffic, he refused to cooperate despite being asked more than once by the traffic sergeant.

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