Home Sports Enner Valencia seals Internacional’s victory in La Paz

Enner Valencia seals Internacional’s victory in La Paz

Enner Valencia seals Internacional's victory in La Paz

Ecuadorian striker Enner Valencia scored the game-winning goal International Brazilians on his visit to La Paz bolivar Bolivians in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals. The only goal in the Hernando Siles Stadium at 3,650 meters came in the 16th minute. Both teams meet again next Tuesday in the southern city of Porto Alegre.

The Colorado team played cautiously in the first few minutes and their compact lines prevented Bolívar from stringing together attacks. Bolívar’s Brazilian striker “Chico” Da Costa had a clear option early on with a choppy shot that Sergio Rochet neutralized. Led by Spaniard Beñat San José, the side opted to apply pressure in midfield to prevent the visiting side from going haywire, but through the locals’ mere carelessness, Patrick managed to deflect a pass Valencia He took the opportunity and dropped the ball in Carlos Lampe’s net.

The Bolivian academy reacted immediately and the tie could have come about through “Chico”, Argentine Nicolás Ferreyra and Bolivian Gabriel Villamil. The Brazilian team entrenched themselves in front of the Rochet goal.

In the second half, the visitors weren’t happy with the goal, as after just a few minutes they showed their determination to seek the opponent’s frame and exploit Sky-Blues’ desperation to equalize. Bolívar later took control of the game again and cornered the teams led by Argentina coach Eduardo Coudet. The clearest chance came from Chile’s Ronnie Fernández, who smashed a header into the crossbar at Inter’s goal and moments later ‘Chico’ shot, which also hit the frame. As the minutes went by, both coaches adjusted their formations. Bolívar opted to lower the grades and increase the offensive players, while Colorado increased the midfield players without changing the outcome.

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