Home Entertainment “Enjoying” with Luisín Martí changes station

“Enjoying” with Luisín Martí changes station

"Gozando” con Luisín Martí cambia de emisora

The national radio continues to make significant changes for those who remain linked to entertainment and communication in general.

And it is that, starting next Monday, February 14, the program “Gozando” will premiere a new station and schedule to be broadcast from 5:00 pm to 7:00 at night on Caliente 104.1 fm and 14 tv.

His large team made up of Yelitza Lora, Lasmi Grullón, Manuel Fernández will assume the leadership of the content; while veteran journalists Joseph Cáceres and Américo Celado complement the cast whose star driver is Luisín Martí.

According to Luisín in a press release, for some time he had received several offers and resisted the idea of ​​transition, but at the suggestion of the advertising companies and Antonio Espaillat himself, he agreed to the tempting proposal that guarantees imminent support. of the listener.

After five uninterrupted years on the air, from the date “Gozando” will be part of the attractive programming grid of the company Radio Cadena Comercial, in a schedule that inherits the audience of the prominent announcer and director of the dial Carlos José Rosario.

Enjoying is a program where the world of entertainment, music and its protagonists have stardom, from where the most outstanding news is analyzed in an entertaining way, full of humor and where the motto is that “you are going to find out dying of laughter” .

The radio space will maintain a refreshing content that will bring healthy fun to the public of all ages, in a premium and coveted schedule of national radio.


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