Enjoy TikTok while you can: EU threatens to ban it

More than half of US states have banned the use of TikTok on public devices

The European Union who presses to TikTok to comply with the newly adopted Digital Services Act.

The purpose of this law is to improve content moderation on social media, including transparency about why certain content is removed and how advertisers target users.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton warned Shou Zi Chew that TikTok should start adapting to the new rules well before the Sept. 1 deadline.

Under the new regulation, social networks can be fined up to 6% of annual revenue, and the situation could get worse to the point of prohibiting the operation of the platform in the EU.


“With a younger audience comes greater responsibility”Breton told Chew. TikTok spokeswoman Caroline Greer tweeted that the platform is committed to following the rules of the DSA, the GDPR and the Code of Practice on Misinformation.

Breton wrote a blog post titled “Are some social networks a wolf in disguise?”. Mention platforms with β€œshort videos with catchy music, dance routines and visually appealing effects“.. which will be? πŸ˜….

The post addresses concerns about sending European user data outside the EU and how the DSA aims to create a safer digital space for all European users, especially younger ones.


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