Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands, facing West Africa. It highlights Mount Teide, an inactive volcano that is the highest peak in Spain, its geology unique in the world and its beaches. It offers pleasant temperatures all year round, making it an ideal tourist destination to travel whenever you want.

If you are one of those people who loves to enjoy nature, performing activities that respect the environment, this could be your next travel destination.

The weather in Tenerife

Its climate is subtropical with mild temperatures most of the year, making it ideal to visit at any time and with a guarantee of good weather. A popular phrase among travelers states that “Tenerife has solar insurance”.

Those who visit Tenerife do so mainly in winter, its peak season, to escape the European cold, as the island offers milder temperatures from December to February.

While from May to October it is also possible to visit it, as the heat is not as oppressive as in the rest of Europe.

Low season is between November and December, except for Christmas holidays, and from March to April. In these months it is possible to find good deals to travel and enjoy the island.

What does Tenerife offer us?

Tenerife is one of those places in the world that has an infinity of options to offer to those who visit it. If what you are looking for is adventure and fun with your family or friends or just a little rest, you will certainly find it all on the island.

On the island of Tenerife, if you like physical activity, you can go hiking, diving or cycling, in addition, go on a cruise to see cetaceans, go on a night safari, do yoga in full contact with nature or enjoy the night sky. in good company. As if that wasn’t enough, the island also offers an amazing water park with challenges just for the brave.

Activities to enjoy on your next trip to Tenerife

There are so many different activities that you can do on the island that we could not count them all… We share with you a selection of the best activities to do in Tenerifethose you can’t miss on your next visit.

This list includes activities related to relaxation, nature enjoyment and adventure.

Teide National Park

O Mount Teide He is the main protagonist of the island. It is a currently inactive volcano that offers a very particular volcanic landscape. It is located inside a national park, and is the right place for those who enjoy respectful walks in nature.

This peak, the highest in Spain, offers around 41 trails with different levels of difficulty. Whichever way you go, all the views are magnificent, even at night you can enjoy stunning night sky and see up to 83 constellations.

One way to get to the top of Mount Teide, a World Natural Heritage Site, is to take the cable car. You will enjoy an impressive view of Tenerife.

Siam Park

It is one of the most prestigious water parks in southern Europe. It is an adventure tour to enjoy with family or friends.

The main attraction of this park are the water slides that offer different levels of adventure. There are some to enjoy with the little ones and even for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

The park offers other water attractions and exotic places to eat.

wind cave

If you like to explore, this place is the one. A guided tour of the 18km of lava tubes that cross the surface of the island forming caves and hollows can be the most incredible.

These caves were formed by lava from the different eruptions of Teide throughout its active life. Along its length you will be able to appreciate fossils, lava lakes and more than 190 species of unusual insects.

La Gomera

This is one of the smallest islands in Tenerife, which makes it a quiet and intimate place, ideal for those looking to relax.

There you can visit the Garajonay National Park. A true natural beauty that includes waterfalls and lakes to discover. Its entire landscape offers you peace and tranquility.

Another possible activity in La Gomera is to rent a small boat to sail and make stops on its beaches or wooded areas to rest or have lunch.

Pyramids of Güìmar Ethnographic Park

If you are an archeology lover, this park is the most curious, it has stone pyramids of unknown origin. At the museum you can discover the various theories surrounding these historical wonders.

These pyramids were discovered in the early 1990s, just thirty-two years ago. Since then, several theories have been suggested, from the most fantastic, such as that they were built by extraterrestrials, to some more reasonable, such as that they belonged to a lost tribe in the Canaries.

Anaga Rural Park

This park is located in the north of Tenerife, in the mountains of La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is a region with a special magic that will captivate you.

There you can take quiet and short walks along the enchanted Laurissilva da Laurissilva, the Traditions Route or the Senses Route. It is also possible to take hikes with a higher level of difficulty and longer duration.

If you like horses, it is also possible to go horseback riding.

As if that were not enough, this park has the most popular beaches in Tenerife, such as Benijo, one of the most beautiful and ideal for swimming. In them you can also find very picturesque beach bars to enjoy seafood and fish of the day.

Dolphin and whale watching in the south of the island

The special conditions offered by the island allow the observation of cetaceans during most of the year.

First, its privileged geographical location in a subtropical area where warm currents and cold waters meet, favoring a great biodiversity concentrated in a small area. And second, the volcanic structure of the islands, in particular the great well between Tenerife and La Gomera, which is 2000m deep and is a food reservoir for the local fauna.

If you like animals, this is a very good place in the world to enjoy sightings in a natural environment, with animals in freedom and in respectful conditions.

To enjoy the 28 species of cetaceans found in Tenerife, you can take excursions on different types of boats and with various onboard services.

All vessels are duly registered and authorized for the sighting activity, without harming the existing fauna.

Very picturesque towns and cities

There are two very picturesque towns worth visiting: San Cristóbal de la Laguna and Masca.

San Cristobal de la Laguna It is a city declared a World Heritage Site that offers a very picturesque building. It is currently considered the artistic capital of the Canary Islands.

It is ideal if what you like to do in travel is to contemplate the architecture. It has several museums where you can learn about the place.

to chew It is a picturesque town that was a haven for locals before the pirates arrived.

Its construction was conceived with the purpose of functioning as a hiding place, to save the local inhabitants from the attacks of pirates.

The place has to offer you excellent cuisine while enjoying unparalleled views over the valley.

You will also have the possibility to go hiking on the Masca promenade that starts in the city and goes down to La Plata. These 7 kilometers of route will test your endurance, while enjoying a beautiful landscape.

Tenerife awaits you

If you still don’t know the island, this could be your next destination to spend a few days or plan your vacation. You will certainly find things to do for fun in this amazing and exotic natural place.


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