Engwe’s Must-Have Waterproof Bike Bag

If you have a rack (or luggage rack) on your bike, surely you have or have thought about buying a backpack to transport your belongings. And the English has a product that appears to be perfect for the purpose.

Is named Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag and, as the name implies, it is a waterproof bag to be placed on the bike rack or in the trunk. And you can adapt its capacity to your needs.

Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag

This can be used, for example, on the rack of the Engwe EP-2 Pro that I recently tested or the Engwe Engine Pro. But basically you can use it on any other rack, as you can see in the example above where I connected it to a rack of another brand.

Without the side vents, you can count on 17 liter capacity🇧🇷 But if you need more space, with these openings you can reach the 35 liter capacity🇧🇷

Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag

The fixing to the frame is quite simple and is done by means of velcro. And judging by my tests, it stays pretty steady. If you decide to take it off, it can also be worn across the shoulder or on the back.

Main features of the Engwe waterproof bike rack bag

  • Waterproof: Made of leather and carbon, waterproof and durable.
  • Foldable: can be unfolded with zippers when more capacity is needed
  • Multifunction: Comes with 2 shoulder straps that can be used as a backpack. portable design
  • Thick Cushion Reduces Shock: Padded interior reduces shock during travel. Detachable partition for flexibility of use
  • Integrated body structure: Difficult to deflect during use. Confidently protect clothes, shoes, phone or cameras
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Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag

My Opinion on Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag

My impressions about this bag/backpack are that it is very robustand what appears to be durable🇧🇷 the fact of being Waterproof It is a great point in favor.

For daily use, the 17 liters will be enough. But if we need more, the possibility of to deploy and keeping storage down to 35 liters is usually a lifesaver.


It also stands out for being quite easy to install on any classic bike rack. And the fact that it has straps means you can carry it over your shoulder or even as a backpack.

It looks great to store your belongings, from your smartphone to your camera, but also your clothes or shoes if necessary. It proves to be resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag
In addition to attaching to the bottom of the shelf, it also attaches to the front with Velcro.

Availability of Waterproof bag for Engwe bike racks

This is a product available on Engwe official website, please €71.99 in this hybrid version from 17 to 35 liters. The brand also sells a more compact version, 7 litersthat only costs €25.11🇧🇷

It should be noted that shipments are made from Europe, and Engwe assures you that you will not have to pay shipping costs or additional expenses. If you are a new user, you have the right to 2% discount With the code newengweeu🇧🇷

Learn more about Engwe waterproof bike rack bag on the brand’s website

Engwe Waterproof Bike Rack Bag
Everything that comes with the Engwe waterproof bike rack bag

If you want to know about the Engwe EP-2 Pro electric bike, check out my review at the link below.

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