England remains behind the West Indies after winning two games

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WTC points table: The Test series between England and Australia had recently ended. The Ashes series ended in a 2–2 tie, but Australia, as the defending champions, would retain the trophy. The England team, captained by Ben Stokes, could have finished the series even after being behind in the first two games, but now the England team has been severely punished by the ICC. Because of this, the team has suffered a huge loss in the World Test Championship points table. Not only has the difference been in points, but the winning percentage has also gone down a lot. The ICC has been known to do this due to slowness during the Ashes.

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ICC deducted points for England due to slow rate, Australia also suffered losses

The ICC has deducted points at the World Test Championships for England and Australia. The ICC has said that it has been fined for reducing the slow rate during the Ashes series. Under the new rules, England have been fined five per cent of their match fee and one WTC point for each over bowled. Australia received 10 WTC points for a slow overcharge in the fourth Test at Old Trafford, while England lost 19 points for falling behind in four of five Tests. Teams get 12 points for winning a WTC event, four points for a draw and no points for a loss. According to ICC rules, a team must bowl 90 overs in a Test day.

The England team deducted points after almost every game

England fell short with two overs in the First Test at Edgbaston, nine in the Second Test at Lord’s, three in the Fourth Test at Old Trafford and five in the last and final Test at The Oval. Australia were fined 50 per cent of their match fee for 10 overs in the Fourth Test in Manchester. England have been fined 10 per cent for the first Test, 45 per cent for the second, 15 per cent for the fourth and 25 per cent for the fifth match fee for slow fees in the first two and the second two. latest tests. England were awarded two points for the slowest surcharge in the first Test under the new rules, which were implemented from the start of the third edition of the World Test Championship.

England came under West Indies who did not win a single match even after winning two matches

Now if we look at the latest World Test Championship points table, then the Pakistani team holds the number one position with 24 points and 100 percent win rate. After this, Team India has 16 points and their winning percentage has become 66.67. At number three is the Australian team, which has 18 points and the winning percentage has risen to 30. The interesting thing is that the West Indies team, which has not won a single game after playing two games, has moved ahead to England, while the England team has won two games, lost two and ended in a draw. The West Indies team lost the first Test match to India by one innings and 141 runs with the rain interrupted second match ending in a draw. He has just four points and a 16.67 winning percentage. On the other hand, England now have just nine points left after the penalty, while the winning percentage is just 15, which is less than the West Indies. In the near future, these points and winning percentage will be played by the team.

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