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Engine The immense potential of Carlos Sainz in Ferrari to fight for the world championship Laura Rangel – December 12, 2023 – 7:02 p.m

Carlos Sainz’s confidence that Ferrari can compete with Red Bull at the next world championship

Madrid driver Carlos Sainz maintains a positive and strategic view of Ferrari’s chances in the 2024 Formula 1 season. With the experience of the 2023 season and the technical advances made, Sainz firmly believes that Ferrari has done so what it takes to take part in the World Cup against the current titans Red Bull.

Although he faces some big challenges, such as tire management and performance consistency, Sainz sees enormous potential in Ferrari to reach the top. Ferrari’s 2023 season was not the most successful, experiencing ups and downs and struggling for consistency.

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However, Sainz and the Maranello team have identified strengths and opportunities in their SF-23 car.

Improvements and strategies: Ferrari’s focus for 2024

A detailed analysis of his performances has led Sainz to believe that with adjustments and improvements, Ferrari can overcome its limitations and become a formidable competitor to Red Bull. Ferrari has made notable progress in certain technical aspects, such as race strategy and pit stops, and has managed to get closer to Red Bull’s times.

Sainz emphasizes that although the SF-23 had problems with tire degradation, it also showed strengths that need to be maintained and improved for next year. The challenge for Ferrari will be to balance these strong elements with the need to be fast and consistent in all racing conditions.

The crucial role of Carlos Sainz for the future of Ferrari

Sainz’s perspective and experience will be crucial in the development of the 2024 Ferrari car. With a focus on straight-line speed, braking performance and performance in certain corners, Sainz brings valuable knowledge to car tuning. Additionally, his ability to remain calm under pressure, demonstrated in his victory at the Singapore Grand Prix, is a key asset to the team in their pursuit of the championship.

Carlos Sainz and Ferrari are preparing for a 2024 season full of challenges and opportunities. With a mix of realistic optimism and a thorough analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, the Maranello team, with Sainz at the wheel, is positioning itself as a serious contender for Red Bull’s Formula 1 supremacy. The combination of talent, technology and tenacity puts Ferrari in a promising position for next year.

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