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Carlos Sainz has shared what was one of the keys to his success in the Dakar Rally, which he won just days ago at the age of 61

Carlos Sainz, the legendary Spanish driver, revealed the unexpected secret behind his fourth victory in the 2024 Dakar Rally: the blessing of his car by a priest. This spiritual help was a key factor in his success against opponents of the caliber of Sebastien Loeb and Nasser Al-Attiyah.

While his rivals suffered setbacks, Sainz, strengthened by his faith and this unique blessing, was able to managed to pass all stages, which culminated in a memorable triumph. In an event as challenging as the Dakar in Saudi Arabia, determination and strategy are crucial.

Carlos Sainz Dakar
Carlos Sainz's secret that brought him victory in the 2024 Dakar: “I was the only one”

Carlos Sainz, faith and perseverance

For Sainz, his faith and the blessing he received played a fundamental role. Although this decision was personal and unique among competitors, proved to be a key career differentiator. Sainz's success story at the Dakar 2024 is not only about his skills as a driver, but also about his deep faith.

“I was the only one who blessed his car,” admitted Sainz, highlighting the uniqueness of his approach. He carried a blessed medal with him throughout the race, a gesture he attributes to his victory. Despite the challenges, Sainz felt the protection of a “guardian angel,” a faith that kept him focused and safe.

Faith as an ally in Sainz's victories

In addition to his innate racing talent, Sainz stands out for his achievement as the oldest Dakar winner, doing so in a hybrid car, a first in the rally's history. His triumph is a testament not only to his skill as a pilot, but also to his unwavering resilience and faith.

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The story of Carlos Sainz and his fourth Dakar is an exciting example of how faith and personal belief can influence an athlete's performance.. This revelation gives his victory a human and spiritual dimension and reminds us that success in sport depends not only on physical and technical ability, but also on inner strength and self-confidence.

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