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Fernando Alonso’s salary stands out on the Forbes list along with Checo Pérez due to his high earnings in Formula 1 in 2023

According to Forbes magazine, Fernando Alonso and Checo Pérez are among the five highest-earning drivers in Formula 1 in 2023: both drivers, known for their high salaries, have managed to do so even in seasons when there is less salary to be at the top of the list The results were not always the best. This year, Forbes paid particular attention to Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, who occupy the top two places in terms of earnings.

Verstappen, the current three-time champion, tops the list with an impressive $70 million, including $45 million in base salary and an additional $25 million in bonuses. Hamilton remains in second place with a base salary of $55 million but, unlike Verstappen, has not received any bonuses this year.

    Fernando Alonso salary
In this context, Fernando Alonso’s salary is $34 million, which puts him in third place.

The earnings of the top drivers in Formula 1: a reflection of their value on the racetrack

Fernando Alonso’s salary reflects his value and experience in Formula 1. His total of $34 million includes base salary and bonuses, underscoring his importance at Aston Martin. Checo Pérez and Charles Leclerc round out the top five with $26 million and $19 million, respectively. These numbers show that beyond the results on the race track Formula 1 places great value on experience and the charisma of its pilots.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that bonuses play a crucial role in pilots’ overall income. While some, like Verstappen, have been able to significantly increase their earnings thanks to them, others like Hamilton have not received any this year. This variability in bonuses shows how on-track performance can directly impact drivers’ income.

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The financial impact on F1: Beyond salaries

Analyzing the salary of Fernando Alonso and other top drivers in Formula 1 provides an interesting insight into the financial impact within the sport. This income, made up of salaries and bonuses, reflects not only the sporting value of the drivers, but also their commercial attractiveness. Importantly, these figures do not include income from external commercial projects such as sponsorships, suggesting that the true financial value of these riders could be even higher.

With this data It is obvious that F1 is not just a competition of skills on the track, but also an area where the commercial and financial value of drivers is fundamental. Fernando Alonso’s salary and his position on the Forbes list are a clear example of how experience, talent and charisma translate into money in the world of Formula 1.

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