Energy crisis, Islamic country plunged into darkness, millions of citizens affected

An Islamic country appearing on the world map has created the worst economic and energy crisis, which has plunged the entire country into darkness.

According to the report of the news agency, Lebanon is facing the worst economic and energy crisis these days. Some time ago, due to lack of fuel, the last two power stations of the country were also closed, after which the whole country was plunged into darkness.

The Lebanese government has said it could take several days to restore power across the country. Sources in the Ministry of Energy said that it would be possible to restore power after at least five days.

According to the news agency, 6 million citizens in Lebanon are forced to live without electricity. Economists and political observers have warned of the danger, calling the power crisis a sign of economic decline.

According to experts, Lebanon has been suffering from economic stagnation and fuel shortages for a year and a half, which has now turned into a crisis.

Experts said that due to the economic downturn, no payments were made to foreign power generating companies, which plunged the entire country into darkness. On the other hand, the government has assured the citizens that the oil-laden ship will dock on the Lebanese coast within 24 hours, after which the situation is likely to improve.


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