Energy costs still higher than a year ago

In the beginning of 2022 we all suffered from it; sky-high energy prices due to, among other things, the macroeconomic situation in Europe and rising inflation. Prices have since returned to “normal” levels, but are still higher than a year ago, despite energy rates falling since last January.

Average energy costs are rising

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) an average household has to pay about €2,320 in energy costs, which is an increase of €630 compared to June 2022. The cause is the still higher taxes and energy prices. For example, the energy tax credit has fallen. In 2022, this number was still more than €850. This number has now dropped to just under €600. In addition, energy supply rates, tax rates and transport costs have also increased, with €145, €200 and €100 extra costs respectively on an annual basis.

The actual amount that households will pay may vary based on several factors. The number of inhabitants, the energy efficiency of the home, the number and type of appliances and the heating behavior all influence the final price. In January 2023, the costs ranged from 1,300 euros to approximately 5,000 euros on an annual basis. In June 2023, the costs can vary between 1,290 euros to 4,210 euros per year.

Ukraine war as a catalyst

The impact of the crisis in Ukraine on the European energy market was palpable and proved to be complex. Due to sanctions and destroyed energy infrastructures, less Russian gas reached our continent. Dutch consumers with variable price contracts immediately noticed this in their wallets. At the same time, the Dutch government offered some protection by setting a price cap for household energy consumers. As a result, households paid no more than 1.45 euros per cubic meter of gas (up to 1,200 cubic meters per year) and 40 cents per kilowatt hour (up to 2,900 kWh per year).

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