Energía 2000 starts the 414 MW thermoelectric generation project in Manzanillo

Energía 2000, SA, formally began construction work on a 414 megawatt (MW) thermoelectric generation plant, called Manzanillo Power Land, located in the municipality of Pepillo Salcedo in the Montecristi province, Dominican Republic, with the purpose of contribute to the strengthening of national energy security through the generation of clean, sustainable energy and with more efficient technologies in an attempt to satisfy the growing demand for this service by the Dominican population.

The event was headed by President Luis Abinader Corona and included the participation of state public figures and municipal authorities, whose solidarity presence denoted the support and government support in the comprehensive development plans of the province of Montecristi and the promotion of private screenings. tending to cause transformations of positive impact and solutions to the national electricity sector.

Manzanillo Power Land is the result of the initiative and visionary courage of an important group of families and businessmen represented in a single brand “Energía 2000, SA” through companies such as Coastal Petroleum Dominicana, SA, Manzanillo Energy, SAS, Antremar, SRL, Inversiones Santa Marta, LTD., Lindsayca, Inc. and Jones Brache, who in their capacities as main investors, in strategic alliance with executives of other national and international corporations and in the company of a tenacious group of professionals and advisors, designed a power generation plant project that promises to significantly impact national development due to its capacity and efficiency.

With an approximate totally private investment of US$585.5 million, it will operate a net production capacity of 414 MW net and 432 MW nominal, and will use natural gas technology under a combined cycle that includes a gas turbine and a condensing steam turbine. in such a way that it increases the efficiency in the generation of energy, at the same time contributing to guarantee the supply of this service in a sustainable and economically accessible way.

The work execution plan is projected in a construction area of ​​70,000 m2 and 15,000 m2 for provisional facilities, which will house the combined cycle of the Siemens Energy SCC6-8000H plant and will additionally have a ship-type floating offshore facility with reception capacity, storage of up to 143,000 m3 of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and regasification, the installation of a monobuoy that will serve to interconnect the FRSU with the 12-inch gas pipeline, which will consist of an underwater section and another on land. Its geographical location close to the sea will allow the use of avant-garde techniques that ensure production and generation for the high national demand, also allowing the development and industrialization of a little explored and never expanded area of ​​the country.

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During the acts of formal start of the works of the plant, the social impact in favor of the province of Montecristi was highlighted by expanding the opportunities for its communities, generating around 2,700 direct jobs, only in the construction stage, plus one

considerable amount in its other stages of execution, highlighting the creation of job opportunities for professional management positions, supervisors, technicians, specialists, mechanics, operators, workers and assistants, as well as general administrative staff.

The materialization of the project that began formally today, Energía 2000, SA is not limited to the promotion and development of the thermoelectric plant; On the contrary, its execution includes proposals for the development of other related projects such as the construction of a 345 KV Electric Transmission Line to interconnect the Manzanillo Power Land plant with the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI), through an output with a switch. of power, in the El Naranjo substation; and, the construction of the gas pipeline with a length of 7.2 km that will carry the natural gas from the Port of Manzanillo to the generation plant; projects that add modernity and industrialization to the province of Montecristi. However, environmental preservation projects have also been initiated as part of the social responsibility of Energía 2000, SA with the community that hosts its project, such as the construction of a nursery in Pepillo Salcedo for the preservation of endemic species; the structural improvements and donation of real estate to the Rayito de Luz School, and the structural improvement of the Mothers’ Center, which are estimated to impact more than 500 people.

As part of the agenda of activities scheduled to mark the start of works on the thermoelectric power plant, a tour was made of the entire area where the main projects included in the plan are housed; Thus, President Abinader together with the attending authorities and the main executives, visited the administrative building of Energía 2000, SA; They verified the progress made in the construction of the Electric Transmission Line, as well as the progress in the construction of the gas pipeline.

For Arturo Santana Reyes, representative of Energía 2000, SA, the plant is described as “the most efficient electricity generating plant that, for the moment, will be installed in the Dominican territory.” During his speech, he stressed that this project promises to promote safe and efficient electrical energy, also generating effective solutions for energy demand and the positive impact and contribution to environmental effects.

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