Endrick’s exclusion

What happens to Endrick? That’s the question that Palmeiras fans are asking with no clear answer and that should worry Real Madrid a lot. The 17-year-old ‘wonderful boy’, for whom Real Madrid paid €35m plus variables, has become the last option in the Portuguese-led ‘Verdao’ attack Abel Ferreira.

The main problem for Endrick at the moment is that he doesn’t count for his coach. If we analyze the last month, which coincides with his 17th anniversary, he has only played twice: 65 minutes in the Maracana in the defeat against Fluminense (2-1) and the last 27 minutes in the win against Cruzeiro (1-0) , when he only touched two balls and didn’t even finish. The rest consists of five hot games that are followed from the bench without actually being there. It has become his luxury substitute.

He didn’t have a minute in the last game of the weekend in Cuiabá, where São Paulo’s Albiverde won 2-0. It was a game where the presence of the young striker was expected because some starters were resting and because Endrick He will not play in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals in Colombia from Wednesday to dawn at Deportivo Pereira’s stadium from Wednesday to Thursday due to a sanction. Well, not like that and what Abel Ferreira up to three 9s used: “Thin” Lopezwho was the owner rony And Brenno Lopes.

And a direct consequence of the future Real Madrid player’s ‘absence’ is his worrying goal defeat, which may last almost two months. His last goal was on July 2 at the Brasileirao in a 2-2 draw with Ath Paranaense in Curitiba, where he missed a penalty.

As he won’t play for the Libertadores this week due to a suspension (remember he saw a direct red card on the bench for deliberately throwing a ball on the pitch mid-game) his chance of one is gone Stakes Until next Sunday 27th, Palmeiras welcomes the reborn Vasco da Gama, who has won 7 of the last 9 points. A month and 25 days have passed since his last goal in a duel with Vitor Roque.

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Endrick he paid for his lack of goals and minutes in the Seleçao. He was not summoned last Friday Ramona Menezes for the Brazilian Olympic team, where the Blaugrana “Tigrinho” will certainly be there to play two friendlies in Morocco at the FFIA appointment in September.

The 2023 season, which started in January in South America, can already be classified as very disappointing for the young Real Madrid player. that he has not lived up to the expectations raised, nor has he made the same progress as in 2022, when he won the grassroots categories and made his debut in the Palmeiras first-team at just 16 years old.

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