Endrick’s depression: “I’m a little sad that I don’t play”

Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa hasn’t exactly taken off after making the leap into the Palmeiras first team after signing with Real Madrid, which will be integrated next summer. A promising centre-forward who At the age of 16 he shone with his goals so the Whites signed him for a fixed €35m that could go as high as €60m. Since his contract has been officially announced, the 17-year-old Brazilian striker does not raise his head and hardly counts for the team’s coach, Portuguese Abel Ferreira.

His supporting role could change after Dudú’s serious injury, the starting center forward. However, in the first game without him, Ferreira He left Endrick back on the bench. It was in the second leg against Colombian Olimpia, whom they had clearly beaten 4-0 in the first leg. He came on for Rony in the 62nd minute and although he contributed and made some good plays, it wasn’t enough So the game ended 0:0. A result worthy of moving into the semifinals and facing Boca Juniors.


The player he was resigned After the game, however, he doesn’t throw in the towel and relies on his faith in God: “I’m not scared, I’m not angry because I’m not playing. I had one Conversation with Abel. He calmed me down. I’m not afraid to play or not to play. He says that The important thing is to work”.

He is aware that he is not living up to expectations, but he knows that he still has room for improvement: “It is in God’s hands. I have no time to claim life, I just give thanks for my lifetime on earth. I do what I enjoy, which is play football. I train and look for my freedom. I’m a bit sad that I don’t play, but I have to control it a bit.

Endrick is touched by what is written or said about him, which is why he asks for patience: “Thank God because he is the one who is with me every day and every night. If I could I would ask the press not to talk about it, but it’s what we players experience. Life outside is crucifying. I will keep training and playing. You can be mad at me, but I’m going to talk about God, I’m going to take His word to the whole world”.

Things aren’t going the way he expected before he joined Real Madrid at the age of 18. His destination will be Castile, where he will be given space to get used to the country’s new customs and to the football that awaits him in Europe.

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