Endrick wants Vinicius Jr.’s number 7 if he chooses Ronaldo

Since August there has been a flurry of information coming out of the Middle East about the Brazilian winger. An event in which the former Flamengo could be the protagonist and in which the young man from Palmeiras wants to take part

At Real Madrid they are counting the hours until they see Endrick Felipe at Barajas airport, an event that will take place at the next summer market. At this point, the player will have reached the age of majority and will be able to sign his permanent contract with the Madridista company. Someone has already assigned the number he will wear.

Endrick revealed that the numbers were the least important thing as the most important thing was that his new rubber band had the Real Madrid crest on it. However, the boy stated that if he had a choice between the number, he would choose number 7. There are mutliple reasons for this.but basically it’s because he’s always liked this character and he can’t remember when he started liking her.

EGD Real Madrid
Under no circumstances will Vinicius give up the number 7 as long as he continues to play for Real Madrid. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

It will be difficult for Vinicius Junior to hand over the number 7 at Real Madrid to Endrick unless…

The number the 17-year-old wants belongs to none other than one of the stars of the Merengue team. Not to mention that he is the most expensive footballer in the entire team, we’re talking about Vinicius Junior. Under no circumstances will the former Flamengo player give his number to a player younger than him who has just arrived at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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The only way for Endrick to get Merengue #7 is for Vini to leave the white team. That would only happen if Saudi Arabia dared to sign the Brazilian striker. Information has been circulating since August that a club is willing to pay a salary of 150 million euros per year.. But Madrid also receives money for the commitment, 350 kilos in cash. An offer that Florentino Pérez had already rejected.

Why does Endrick want the number 7 at Real Madrid?

In a recent interview, the 17-year-old star opened up about why he enjoys playing with what many consider to be the lucky number. “There is no ideal number, but my favorite is 7. This is what I use in video games when I play NBA and in FIFA when I play in Pro Clubs. It is a number that attracts a lot of attention to me because Cristiano Ronaldo was the 7 and I also really like Luka Doncic, who is a guy who wears the number 77, a high number.

It’s a number that I look at and see a good difference. I like it a lot, but I don’t know. Now I’m number 9 in Palmeiras. I played at 11, at 10, at 7… The numbers don’t matter to me, but the 9 obviously means a lot of responsibility and it’s also a very good jersey.” commented Endrick Felipe, who also admitted that he is very eager to come to Chamartín.

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