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Endrick exacerbates his goal crisis

Endrick exacerbates his goal crisis

Not only is Endrick a substitute at Palmeiras, his attacking contribution has also suffered a very worrying setback. The 17-year-old forward, who will land at the new Bernabéu in July 2024, is now enduring his second-longest goal streak of the 2023 season (it took him 13 games to score his first goal), which has not yet seen him fully gain momentum where he has not completed a match.

On the last morning he played the last 27 minutes of Palmeiras-Cruzeiro (1-0), which corresponds to the last day of the first round of the Brasileirao … and failed to score. In addition, he only touched the ball twice and never shot at goal in a game that the Argentine decided on time Skinny Lopez. His performance was subdued, albeit with a certain sluggishness.

The reality is that it doesn’t respond to the expectations raised because in December he moved to Real Madrid for 35 million euros plus taxes.

The thing about “9” from Verdao is worrying. His last goal was on July 2 in the private duel he was living with Victor Roque, in the 2:2 between Ath. Paranaense-Palmeiras where he missed a penalty.

That was 44 days ago. Since then, The team, led by Abel Ferreira, have played ten official games in which Endrick has not seen a goal. In fact, he was misaligned on four of them, and on one he was only on the field for a minute.

Last Thursday in the game against At. When Mineiro returned from the Copa Libertadores round of 16, the ‘Menino Prodígio’ experienced an unusual incident when he threw a ball off the bench to waste time and ended up being sent off with a red card.

Now the quarter-final first leg against Deportivo Pereira will not be sanctionedscheduled for the next day 23 in Colombia.

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