End to the ‘trick’ of the car

The UCI announced numerous changes, highlighting above the rest the distribution of points in the different races, enhancing and increasing the gap between great tours, Monuments… with respect to other careers for the next three-year period. It also modified previous rules, such as the distance that a team car must maintain with respect to the runner that it chases or accompanies in an individual time trial: “The following vehicle must follow at least 25 meters behind the cyclist (and not the previous 10), he must never catch up with him or catch up with him. In the event of a breakdown, technical support can only be provided with the cyclist and the vehicle stationary,” says the new regulations.

In At present, time trials have an important factor to take into account: the roof rack of the team car that accompanies the rider, full of bicycles. They are very useful for the runner, since it significantly improves their aerodynamic performance. “If the bikes are tight enough and all the gaps between them are small, it will be a significant blockage to airflow. The larger vehicle behind the cyclist will push the air forward, so the speed of the airflow around the cyclist will be less and will help him.”says expert Richard Kelso. Now, with a greater vehicle distance between the runner, everything will change drastically.

According to these expert studies, the reduction in resistance was approximately 0.23% in the coefficient of resistance, and that translates to 3.9 seconds over 50 kilometers. All this was taken into account by the UCI, and in the Executive Committee that they had at the beginning of the month in Monaco it was one of the main topics to be discussed. After deliberation, and the corresponding vote, comes the change.

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