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End of the Ben Simmons soap opera?

Ben Simmons returned to training with the team on Sunday. Despite the uncomfortable situation, the squad were happy to have him back. The player starred in one of the summer soap operas, spending most of the offseason with the intention of being traded. It seems that the controversy is over, for the moment, and Simmons has decided to return to the ranks of Philadelphia.

We are grown men here. This is not middle school, seventh grade, eighth grade, ‘Oh you did this to me.’ No. It’s, as soon as we hit the ground it’s just basketball. Honestly, this is how it should ber ”commented Tobias Harris. Although the All star was able to train with the team, his coach, Doc Rivers, did not want to offer details about his official return. “The conditioning, just looking at him, I thought he was in decent shape. It’s still obviously not in game form because you can do all things, but overall, yes … when he is ready he will playRivers commented.

There are two days until the start of the regular season, and It seems that Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons have managed to make amends, but let’s put it in context. It started in January 2021, when Harden was going to be traded. In said transfer, Simmons was mentioned, but no such agreement was carried out since “lto beard“He went to the Nets. Philadelphia did not like Simmons’ interest in the offer.. To which the player replied: “This is a business. Things like that happen. The only thing I can control is how I deal with my work, the games and my day to day”.

The season progressed, and comments about an alleged trade faded until the meeting with the Hawks on June 20. Simmons had already struggled from the free throw line against the Wizards., but against Trae Young’s it made it worse. He came to register a 34% from the line, worst postseason mark in NBA history. In that game he also starred in a key play. Simmons missed an open opportunity at the rim to avoid a potential foul and be forced to go to free throws. This move provoked comments such as Embiid’s. “I’ll be honest. I think the turning point was when … I don’t know how to put it. But I think that the turning point was just that we had one open shot and we took one free throw and we missed the other and then they came down and scored”.

After a tough season finale, being highly questioned, Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, met with Philadelphia to discuss the player’s future. The franchise was clear about it, they were committed to keeping Simmons as the centerpiece. Having decided not to travel with the Australian national team to focus on his individual game, The 76ers, in mid-July, decide to put a very high price on Ben, due to their age and projection, to get the greatest possible benefit in an exchange. Over the summer, the franchise considered various offers, but none convinced them. The August 26, talks by Ben Simmons are reported to have stalled and that the team had the player for the start of the season.

September was the busiest month. Simmons asked to be traded and went on strike. He did not attend the Media day of the NBA or the Training camp, which caused some of his colleagues to explode. “The situation is strange, disappointing and almost disrespectful to all the boys here fighting for their lives”Embiid commented. The player’s actions had financial consequences, since the fines received by the franchise due to the player’s non-appearance were covered with part of his salary. He also did not participate in the two preseason games against Toronto on October 4 and 7, so was fined $ 227,613 per game.

Now, in mid-October, Simmons has already passed all the medical examinations with the team. The player has decided to return and his coach, Doc Rivers, is counting on him, but when he is fit. Philadelphia opens its season against the Pelicans on Wednesday, and while it’s unclear whether or not Simmons will play, the 76ers They need me to get back on track eventually if they want to save this season. After spending the offseason trying and failing to trade him for a superstar, the 76ers’ options for the future are limited. The situation remains volatile, but for now, getting Simmons back on the court is best for everyone..

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