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End of season party at Jarama

The season is over and it’s time to celebrate. What better way than to gather in the mythical Jarama Circuit the cream of the crop of the Spanish Championship at the Rallyshow Comunidad de Madrid-RACE, the test that mixes competition and show and that will serve to put the finishing touch to the national campaign.

The appointment is not scoring, but participation is mandatory to qualify for the championship. Therefore, there will be all the first swords, from the brand new champion, ‘Rocket’ Suárez, That has not competed since it was also crowned in Madrid, to the participants of the promotion formulas. Jan Solans, Iván Ares, Surhayen Pernía … In short, all the pilots who have starred in the 2021 season will come together to give a show and also fight for the last victory of the year.

For this year’s edition, which will be played on Saturday from 10 in the morning, RACE has announced two competition formats, scratch and playoffs, which will culminate by proclaiming the ‘champion of champions’ at around three in the afternoon. Vehicles are obliged to set up gravel specifications to cover the only mixed section, with parts of the circuit and parts of gravel, which will be contested in both directions. A nice end to the party for a year that has become too long for everyone.

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