Empresa Claro has more than 50% of the market in all telecommunications services in the country

In 2020, the telecommunications company Claro led all market sectors, capturing more than 50% of the clients of all services, as evidenced by an annual report from the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel).

In traditional fixed telephony, the company had an 83% stake; on mobile 60.52%; in the fixed internet 61.33%; on the mobile internet 57.44%; and in the subscription television service 55.97%, according to Indotel records.

In its report, the institution highlights that the company maintains leadership in each of these market sectors.

The company Claro maintains its leadership in the mobile telephony market share … Claro has maintained its leadership in the fixed Internet market”, Indicates the document of the official body.

Regarding mobile internet subscriptions, the report indicates that Claro is still the first option to access this service.

With respect to subscription television service, the report establishes that despite the fact that as of December 31, 78 providers offered this service, this market is also currently led by Claro.

In this regard, Indotel specifies that in addition to having a presence throughout the country, this company also offers a wide variety of options and services, “with plans of one, two and up to three combined services.”


This Monday the telecommunications services company Viva formally requested Indotel to declare Claro as "dominant position company", due to the marked tendency to monopoly that it presents in the relevant markets of the country.

Claro defines itself as “the leading telecommunications company in the Dominican Republic” and as the one that offers the most complete range of solutions in this sector.

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