Empowerment and Pink Macaroons: A Day at the

In the “World of Barbie”, the news is always positive, the thermometer does not reach 30 ºC, sweet pink macarons abound in the kitchen and there are no limits to aspirations and dreams.

“Barbie has been an inspiration for many decades that really shows that you can take on any role you want,” said Lucy Treadway, a spokeswoman for Kilburn Live, which together with Mattel runs “World of Barbie.”

The immersive experience opened its doors in Los Angeles to offer a day in the universe of the famous doll.

In 2,000 square meters, the space concentrates a ball pool with a fuchsia slide, a movie theater, a caravan, a beauty salon, beach chairs with palm trees and a giant radio, recording studios with tracks by Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia. Keys, and even a spaceship.

Although is not directly linked to the movie “Barbie”, Hitting theaters in the United States on July 21 with Margot Robbie, “it’s the energy of Barbie everywhere,” Treadway said.

Early, an avalanche of visitors – most dressed in pink and glitter –flood the two floors of the exhibition, which is a mixture of Barbie’s dream house with a mini museum.

This space traces Barbie’s trajectory since she came into the world in 1959 with her heels and her black and white bathing suit to her new versions, with different bodies, styles and hair colors.

Rhonda, Lois and Felice, all in their 50s and friends since childhood, they traveled from various places to meet in Los Angeles and made “Barbie’s World” the highlight of their girls’ weekend.

“We’re kids again!” Lois celebrates as she poses with her friends in front of the pool slide.

– Flesh and blood Ken –

“Barbie’s Dreamhouse has been a classic for a lot of people,” says Treadway, who credits that sense of nostalgia for the show’s success with adults.

While, for children space opens up as an opportunity to enjoy the Barbie universe in real size.

“The pool is the most exciting thing,” said triplets Morgan, Taylor and Kristin, who came with their parents to celebrate her seventh birthday.

People wait their turn to take selfies in the huge closet that displays orange dressesfuchsias, yellows and turquoises, her astronaut uniform and her accessories.

In another room, person-sized boxes allow people to pose as different editions of the doll: Barbie film director, Barbie skaterBarbie explorer, Barbie mermaid and Barbie Hollywood star.

But, in addition, the venue offers images for Instagram and phrases that empower. At the bottom of the boxes, the slogan reads: “You can be whatever you want.”

“I think Barbie was at the forefront of a lot of things, but the biggest thing was loving who you are,” Treadway said.

This seems to be what attracted Emmanuel Fernandez, 38 years old.

Fernández decided to visit the exhibit after seeing Ryan Gosling’s Ken in the movie’s trailer. “I wanted to become Ken,” he argued.

He began to exercise and bought a set of shorts and a shirt with pink and turquoise prints that she was wearing, showing part of her chest and abdomen.

While waiting in line to buy a pink cocktail, Fernández said he had achieved his goal and felt like a real Ken in the “World of Barbie.”

“I’m happy!” he exclaimed. “It’s just that everything is very nice here!”.

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