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Digital marketing and business have changed a lot in recent years, so it is essential to adapt and ride the new wave. Something they have done from the global digital marketing platform Sendinblue, which recently announced its name change to short, to continue its mission of providing businesses of all sizes with a complete CRM platform.

Laura Parra, Brand & Communications Lead in Brief has explained to us thatSendinblue’s name fell short and no longer reflects all the new features we’ve added”. The part of “Send” refers to email, because the company began by specializing in email marketing tools, and now, after a decade of operation and six acquisitions since 2021, they have expanded their global presence and integrated a large number of new functionalities.

The rebranding of the brand is also accompanied by a change in color and aesthetics in which we see that green and nature gain strength. “The change in color has to do with growth, as well as those referring to the leaves and branches that are seen in the design” share us Vine. In addition, with this new aesthetic they want to reinforce one of the most important objectives of the brand that is “related to create sustainable relationships with customers thanks to Brevo, who are not focused on making quick sales, but lasting relationships.

Brevo, the CRM to connect with your customers and have lasting relationships

All these changes have achieved that Brevo has a wide range of services that position it as a Reference CRM platform for all types of businessesboth SMEs and large companies that want to continue promoting their growth.

Brevo’s product offering is organized into 4 verticals and each one has a color:

  • The sales platform is orange. And with it they help brands to track negotiations, manage the sales pipeline, automate repetitive tasks or organize meetings.
  • The “Transactional Email” platform is blue. This platform allows you to send emails from A to B without delay, customize transactional templates, developer guides, SDKs and API libraries, as well as email credit packs.
  • The marketing platform is purple. For the marketing part, they offer a tool to do SMS marketing, WhatsApp campaigns or subscription forms.
  • The “Conversations” platform is pink. The services integrated in it range from personalized chat on the website, chatbot to automate FAQs and obtain useful customer data, to an inbox to answer WhatsApp, DM and other types of communications.
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growth and expansion

Another of the reasons for the rebranding of the brand is linked to its expansion. The name of Sendinblue, as explained by its Brand & Communication Leadwas “a tongue twister for Spanish-speaking people and other markets such as Italian and Portuguese”. The new brand name had to be easy to pronounce in any language and had to meet other characteristics such as “It was short, it was easier to understand and it had strength”.

Although they were considering different options, including finalist names from a vote in the company, he was chosen short. This name refers to the exclamation Bravo!, which conveys positivity. And it is that the company aims to penetrate new markets such as the North American and “We trust that rebranding will help us to do so” he told us Vine.

In the last 18 months, Brevo has exceeded 100 million euros of annual recurring revenuemaintaining a positive EBITDA, through a stable organic growth rate of 40% annual growth, since they have accelerated the implementation of functionalities as the needs of the clients have changed. Brevo has big plans for the future: reaching an annual recurring revenue of €1 billion by 2030, focusing on responding to the need for businesses to create stronger and more lasting relationships with their customers.

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