Emotional moment of Francisco Lindor, this is what he bought with his first MLB salary

Puerto Rican Francisco Lindor has become one of the most important faces in Major League Baseball.

The shortstop has given us outstanding performances with the New York Mets so his fan base has been increasing.

Lindor was interviewed by Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player Mookie Betts; this for your youtube channel On Base And among the curiosities that he revealed was what he bought with his first MLB salary.

The Puerto Rican said that he went to a Best Buy technology store to buy the iPad he had always dreamed of.

Many people are looking to materialize their dreams, so the first thing they would do with the first salary once our goals are achieved is always in mind.

In 2015, Lindor made his debut with the Cleveland Ninth (previously known as Indians, now Guardians) before the Detroit Tigers.

In 2020 he changed teams and ended up in New York with the Mets, with whom he will continue until 2031 after having signed a long-term agreement for 10 seasons in exchange for 341 million dollars (last year).

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