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Emotional message from Mourinho to Madrid and Ancelotti

Mourinho y Ancelotti

Jose Mourinho came before the cameras DAZN excited as in his best nights. Got the last act of the Conference League It will not be one of the biggest challenges of his career, but the passion of the romanisti, who had been waiting for a European final for 31 years, has totally infected him and he has experienced this success as just another typhoon. In his interview after the victory against Leicester, the Portuguese coach described his feelings, but he also wanted to send a message to Real Madrid ahead of the final of Paris: “Yesterday I spoke with Ancelotti. Madrid is in my heart, I am white, white, white, it is the biggest club in the world. I am a close friend of Carlo, I know he is happy for his Roma and for his teammate José. Let’s see if these two young coaches are going to win their finals…”-

Final: “There are different levels of expectation, responsibility and hope. The history of Roma is a history of suffering. They don’t win much, and their number of finals is not in line with the social dimension of the entity. For us it is like a final of Champions, and the same will be for Feyenoord.”

Season: “We are a family, here. It has not been an exceptional season, but we are working well. The 14 games played on Thursdays in this competition gave us points. Leicester are a strong team, but they did not give Rui Patrício much work. We did it well”.

Emotions: “I was moved. Achieving a final with a team that doesn’t come to these events easily, in a stadium that always supports us, is special. I’m at a point in my career where I feel like I’m not doing this for myself.” I do it for my players, for the fans, for the owners of the club who came to football recently”.



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