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drama series “Succession” garnered 27 nominations for the 75th edition of the Emmys and became the production with the most nominations, followed by “The Last of Us” and “The White Lotus”, with 24 and 23, respectivelythe US Television Academy announced Wednesday.

In the particular dispute between the platforms for trying to impose their hegemony, HBO won an unmitigated victory by monopolizing this “top 3” series with the most nominations.

On this occasion, the three productions that receive the most nominations will compete in the category of best drama series, a section that is completed by “Andor”, “Better Call Saul”, “The Crown” and “House of the Dragon”

Despite the success of the fourth and final season of “Succession,” which surpassed its 24 nominations last year, the all-time record for a drama series set by “Game of Thrones” with 32 in 2019 is still a long way off.

The presence of this production about the billionaire and dysfunctional Roy family, which has already won in the category for best drama series in 2020 and 2022appeared in all the pools of the specialized press.

Likewise, the phenomenon “The Last of Us”, a drama based on a post-apocalyptic United States, managed to win 24 nominations in its first season, including those for best actor and actress for its protagonists, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

And if the first season of “The White Lotus” (HBO) earned him the Emmy for best limited series last year, this second installment marked his debut in style in the drama sections, with 23 nominations.

In the comedy section, the reign of “Ted Lasso” continues, that already accumulates two consecutive Emmy awards for best comedy series and is going for the third.

His third gave him 21 nominations this Wednesday with his protagonist, Jason Sudeikis, nominated again for best actor in this format.

The 75th edition of the Emmys is scheduled for the next September 18 in Los Angeles (USA), but its celebration could be threatened if the Hollywood Actors Guild follows in the footsteps of the writers’ union and goes on strike due to a lack of understanding with the big film and television studios.

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