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Emmanuelle Ménard distances herself from the National Rally

Emmanuelle Ménard flies with her own wings. Supported by the National Front (the former name of the RN) and five other parties during her first candidacy for the 2017 legislative elections, the deputy for the 6th constituency of Hérault is campaigning this time without a label for her re-election. On the site of the Ministry of the Interior, which lists all the candidates for the legislative elections of June 12 and 19, the wife of Robert Ménard has been assigned the political nuance “various right”. Moreover, unlike 2017, Emmanuelle Ménard refused to financially attach her candidacy to the far-right party.

A (small) blow for the National Rally (RN). Heavily indebted, it relies more than ever on public aid to the parties, a fraction of which is calculated in proportion to the number of votes obtained by the candidates “financially attached”. However, this time, the interim president Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen will not derive any financial benefit from the votes cast on Emmanuelle Ménard.

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“There is no particular distrust vis-à-vis the RN, but I overdose on the functioning of political parties. I want to have total independence to vote in my soul and conscience at the Assembly, without a wire in my paw”, she justifies with Capital. Very active in the hemicycle during her first term, Emmanuelle Ménard hopes that her record will be enough to convince Hérault voters to trust her again.

Especially since despite this unexpected defection, the National Rally (RN) maintains its decision not to invest a candidate against it in the 6th constituency of Hérault. “Emmanuelle Ménard still called to vote Marine Le Pen in the two rounds of the presidential election”, reminds Capital an executive of the RN. A leniency which also benefits the boss of Debout la France!, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, candidate for his re-election in Essonne.

Robert Ménard also moves away from Marine Le Pen

Emmanuelle Ménard’s distancing from the RN is reminiscent of that of her husband, Robert Ménard, during the presidential campaign. If the mayor of Béziers officially supported Marine Le Pen in both rounds, he did not hesitate to express his disagreements with the candidate on television sets. In particular on the ban on wearing the veil, a measure described as “error” and “inapplicable”, according to him. Between the two towers, the city councilor from Biterrois even decided to withdraw from the RN campaign.

“I have disagreements with Marine Le Pen that I have never hidden. I no longer hear them repeated with each media intervention. So I decided not to speak until the second round,” he told AFP.

“Anyway, the Ménards have always been free spirits,” says a close collaborator of Marine Le Pen. “If we pick up a group (at least 15 deputies) in the Assembly, maybe Emmanuelle Ménard will end up joining us”.

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