Emmanuel Dennis, a goal of Villarreal

Emmanuel Dennis has been one of the revelations of the premier league in the current season. His arrival was from Club Brugge at Watford and since the first paritod, he has generated a tremendous impact on the team. As a left winger or as a striker, any position in which he plays shows a very top level and many clubs have already been interested in him.

The Nigerian, barely 24 years old, has drawn the attention of clubs like Aston-Villa in the Premier League, to which the watford surely he is not interested in transferring them in the case of remaining in the Premier League. He has scored 9 goals and 5 assists, in addition, he has one of the best averages in terms of shots with more probability on goal, a real threat.


Now, with the transformation of Danjuma to the center, although equally adaptable to both positions, Villarreal is looking for a player with similar characteristics. In case you can get them together or replace Danjuma if he leaves the team. Dennis looks like one of the best options, who would be valued at a solid £25m for Watford.

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