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Emma Igual, a humanitarian light to aspire to

Who was Emma Igual, the Spanish aid worker who died in a Russian attack in Ukraine?

The Italian writer Cousin Levi He explained: “In history and in life, one sometimes seems to see a strict law that says: to those who have, it will be given, and to those who do not have it, it will be taken away.” The words of this Auschwitz survivor resonate more than ever as the steamroller of the future advances and, before its time, those who defy the horrors of history turned into meat grinders decide to give up everything to transform themselves into angels. Guardians of the innocent who live beneath the storms of steel. People like Emma Igual, the head of the NGO Road to Relief, were murdered in Ukraine while trying to help civilians trapped on the front lines.

The death of the humanitarian worker and her partner, the Canadian volunteer Anthony “Tonko” Ihnat, it’s a war crime. There is no doubt. There is just as little chance that the material authors will be known, and even smaller that they will be in the dock of the International Criminal Court. However, the main person responsible for this and a long list of crimes committed on Ukrainian territory sits on the throne of the Kremlin, and we know his name: Wladimir Putin.

Emma was young in years, only 32 years old, but old in the experiences he has had on the dark side of humanity. Inspired by the experiences of her grandmother, an Austrian Holocaust survivor who was adopted by a Spanish family, she decided to enroll after graduating from the prestigious University of Berkeley, where she could have easily chosen a much easier, safer and more stable path dedicate Help refugees and displaced people who are struggling in Greece, Myanmar, Morocco and Kenya.

His calling to help others was so intense, courageous and true that shortly after the invasion of Ukraine he decided to co-found the NGO Road to Relief with the French Henri Camenen, “Without any plan, without resources, without money. Without having made a collection beforehand,” he explained in an episode of the “Diario de Ukraine” podcast on RTVE. It didn’t take long for a small humanitarian initiative to become an organization of 25 volunteers dedicated to one of the most dangerous tasks: going to the front and evacuating civilians trapped in the hail of shrapnel.

According to the organization, they had already saved just a few months after starting work 1,300 people, including 650 children, around 300 with disabilities. And as the war dragged on, they expanded their work to distributing humanitarian aid to the many civilians, mostly elderly, who still refuse to leave their homes ravaged by total war. That’s what led them to this settle in the city of Sloviansknear the Eastern Front.

Every exit in the direction the meat grinder in front of Bakhmut, where he died last Saturday, meant risking his life. Every minute spent in the devastated town of Chasiv Yar, where hundreds of civilians refused to march despite being some five kilometers from the front line, was akin to buying a handful of numbers in a lottery of violent death. However, Emma and her volunteers kept returning.

In this city where the houses have become broken and blackened skeletons, where the asphalt is pitted like a giant Gruyere cheese, and where death, fear and resilience are rampant, the vehicle in which Emma was traveling was destroyed by one According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office it was an anti-tank missile. Something that, if confirmed, would show that the war crime was committed with treason.

Whatever the case, Emma Igual was murdered while doing her job helping the helpless in a war of aggression by the Russian state. Therefore, it is difficult to understand that the same government that will grant him posthumous next Tuesday the Great Cross of Isabel the Catholichas a minister and general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarrawho, after the death of the Spanish aid worker, expressed regret on social networks, but avoided condemning those who murdered her or the fact that in the war in Ukraine there is an aggressor country and a country that was attacked.

For her part, Emma’s dual legacy can never be questioned. First he tells us how much he has done in his short life and opens the way to the true altar of benevolence, where only selfless spirits like him live. A life to admire and which will undoubtedly awaken the conscience of future volunteers that the world desperately needs. And secondly, his murder is a reminder and new evidence of Russia’s war crimes. Wherever you are, Emma Same It will always be a desirable humanitarian light.

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