The largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates, has the ambition to deal with customers faster and more flexibly and therefore wants to use advanced digital technologies such as blockchain, metaverse and cryptocurrencies. A top executive at the company indicated that they are therefore looking at facilitating bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment.

Emirates embraces bitcoin

Emirates COO, Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, recently gave a local news station indicates that the company already has quite concrete plans. Not only could bitcoin be added as a means of payment, they will also non-fungible tokens (NFT) available on the website that can be traded again.

Al-Redha stated at a media meeting that the airline, headquartered in Dubai, will hire new staff to develop applications for the metaverse and NFTs and closely monitor customer needs.

Remarkably, Al-Redha stated that in the future blockchain technology could even be used to track and store aircraft data. It is still unclear exactly what that would look like, but it shows a great vision for the future for Emirates in which blockchain technology can play an important role.

the metaverse

The metaverse is also central to Emirates’ plans. According to Al-Redha, the metaverse could revolutionize the entire Emirates operations and bring about improvements on all fronts.

“With the metaverse, you will be able to turn your entire processes – be it operations, training, website sales, or complete experience – into a metaverse-like application, but more importantly, to to make it interactive,”

Emirates is one of the largest and most prestigious airlines in the world. The fact that a company like Emirates is willing to step into the world of crypto with both feet shows once again that, despite the current state of the crypto market, the future could look very bright.


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