Emergency in Egypt ends after four years

Photo: AFP

The state of emergency in Egypt was lifted four years later.

According to the German website Deutsche Welle, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced on Facebook yesterday that Egypt has become an oasis of security and stability in the region.

The Egyptian president said it had been decided to lift the state of emergency in all parts of the country for the first time in years.

Egypt declared a state of emergency following the April 2017 bombings of churches, which was extended every three months.

The government claims that at the time of the bombings, Egypt was battling a growing wave of violence linked to ISIS militants, and that it had significant influence, especially in the northeastern Sinai region.

It should be noted that under the Emergency, while the authorities gained wider powers, the constitutional rights of the people such as freedom of expression and public assembly were also taken away.

On the other hand, human rights groups have been sharply critical of President Al-Sisi’s government, saying that under the guise of a tough measure like the emergency, the government has been working to stifle its opponents and voices against it.

In May last year, the emergency law was further amended to deal with the corona virus epidemic, giving the president more powers and extending the jurisdiction of military courts to civilians.


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