Emergencies in Milwaukee Bucks force the signing of Antetokounmpo’s new partner

The Wisconsin franchise wants to incorporate a player who, although he is not a great NBA star, can be a fundamental piece to compete for the ring

Giannis Antetokounmpo is being, for the umpteenth consecutive year, a monster in the NBA. The Greek, two-time MVP winner, is posting one of the best seasons of his career at the scoring level, while also being one of the best defenders in the league. But this has not prevented Milwaukee Bucks posted a lousy run of results in recent weeks.

Five defeats and one victory have been added in recent games, relegating them to third position in the east. This has caused the urgencies of the franchise to increase, being closer and closer to making movements for a player who could be key. A player who Milwaukee Bucks see as a luxury complement to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Jae Crowder, followed by all the great teams in the NBA

The player the Milwaukee Bucks want to sign before the deadline

Since the beginning of the season we know that Jae Crowder wants out of the Phoenix Suns. The 32-year-old player did not take his substitution in the team well and this season he has not even played. Since then he has been looking for a transfer, but so far the proposals that have come to the Suns have not met the demands of the franchise.

All ring candidates are interested in incorporating a player like Jae Crowder, as he is an extraordinary defender and also in recent seasons he has improved remarkably from triple. Two characteristics that are key for any great team, such as the Bucks, who are willing to transfer another piece of great value.

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Jae Crowder, the partner Giannis Antetokounmpo needs

The player who would go in compensation to the Suns, in addition to some first or second round of the draft, would be Grayson Allen. The Jacksonville guard is having a season in excess of 10 points per game, but he is an expendable piece. For its part, the Milwaukee Bucks understands that the value of Jae Crowder to release Antetokounmpo in the playoffs is greater.

If they get the transfer, the Greek could stop worrying about defending great players like Kevin Durant or Jayson Tatumb in the playoffs, who are looming as their great rivals in the east. Thus, he would get rid of having foul problems and greater physical wear and tear in the decisive stretch of the season. Something that already worked perfectly for the Milwaukee Bucks with PJ Tucker in his last championship.

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