Embiid also succumbs to the Suns

Sixers 109 – Suns 114

Magnificent basketball game that was seen in Philadelphia between one of the best teams in the League and the best of all. The Phoenix Suns have a back-to-back of tremendous merit after winning consecutively in Chicago and tonight on the Sixers’ court. And they also did it coming from behind, overcoming a 15-point deficit in the last quarter. Although Devin Booker was the top scorer (35), it was Chris Paul who managed the final minutes at will and made the difference for the NBA leaders. Several free throws and two triples, one in a 4-point play, crushed a rival who fought until the end and who made several mistakes, including two turnovers by Embiid, which weighed them down when the match was being decided. It’s a shame for the Sixers that such a resounding victory like this has escaped them, but the match does not stop confirming that they are ready to fight anyone and that Simmons’ future should perhaps be resolved before the transfer market closes. Because of fighting for the ring of truth at a time when it seems that they may have options to reach the Finals if they add the right pieces.

Grizzlies 135 – Clippers 109

Ja Morant returns to put 30 points to a team in transition after the transfer with the Blazers. Norman Powell and Robert Covington are already playing for the Clippers, but the team is still not there to rave about it, least of all against a rival like the Grizzlies, already well established in third place in the West.

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Pelicans 110 – Rockets 97

The Pelicans have something to smile about with the trade of CJ McCollum, a high-profile addition to the team. Although they started badly against the Rockets, according to Brandon Ingram because the departure of beloved teammates in the locker room could affect them, in the end they easily beat the worst team in the West and it seems that the way is clear for them, this time, to play the play -in.

Nuggets 132- Knicks 115

The Knicks continue to fall unstoppably. In Denver they took their fourth consecutive loss and the tenth in the last twelve games. To make matters worse, RJ Barrett was injured in the last seconds. The question is what was he doing on the court with the match already resolved. Thibodeau stuff. The Nuggets continue their good run of results, with Jokic in charge and rookie Bones Hylan scoring 22 points.

Kings 114 – Wolves 134

And another team that does not stop growing is the Timberwolves, who have won their fifth consecutive game in Sacramento and are still fighting to enter the playoffs directly and not via play-in. They are one win away from the Nuggets (6th). None of the Minnesota players reached 30 minutes on the court, which makes the difficulty of the match clear. Towns, however, had time to score 25 points. He helped the result that faced a disoriented Kings and with fewer players available than normal after the transfer of Domantas Sabonis.

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