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Embarba’s version of his no greeting to Vicente Moreno

Espanyol’s bad game and their first defeat in LaLiga was further clouded if possible by the image that occurred in the 55th minute. Vicente Moreno decided to make a double change to turn the game around. He entered Manu Morlanes for David López and Nico Melamed for Adrián Embarba. The winger left angry, without greeting anyone and denied Vicente Moreno his hand when the Valencian coach tried to congratulate him on the effort. The sequence has caused reactions against one of the club’s captains, who has another, more nuanced version of events.

Throughout the week, Embarba had an ankle ailment that prevented him from training. In fact, Moreno himself commented on it in the press room. “Adri is fantastic, he made an effort to play because he had an ankle problem and he had to puncture himself. I had not been able to train for several days “commented the technician. That is the version in which the Espanyol player affects.

The club’s medical services recommended Embarba not participate in Majorca and take advantage of the stoppage for national teams to recover and reach one hundred percent against the Athletic. But it was Vicente Moreno who asked him if he could force himself to be on the grass on Saturday. The extreme agreed and infiltrated. When he was substituted in the 55th minute he felt signaled by the bad game that the Spanish and, with the pulsations still at full blast, he reacted in such a disrespectful way as the images captured.

His apology on social media: “I was wrong”

“Things can go better or worse but if there is something I characterize myself for, it is because I always give my all and I always want to help until the end, especially if they are badly given as happened yesterday … But that is no excuse. I was wrong with the reaction after yesterday’s change and I have no problem recognizing it and showing my face. I have already done it with the coach and with my teammates so I can only admit my mistake to you, the fans, that you are very important for us and a fundamental part from Espanyol. We all want the best for the team and we know that we are all better together… Let’s keep going! “said the player on his social networks.

Later, already cold, Moreno denied that there had been a “scuffle.” During the match, Embarba was not successful in an inoperative Espanyol game, but players like Javi Puado, Nany Dimata or Raúl de Tomás They also failed to find their game and were equally or more misguided.

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