ElPozo Murcia has expressed its outrage this Friday through a statement after the RFEF competition judge dismissed the request to postpone its match against Viña Albali Valdepeñas as it only had four players of the first team, since seven players have tested positive for Covid-19, another player is injured (Molina) and one more is sanctioned (Taynan).

From ElPozo they point out that “At the beginning of the week, five players from the first team tested positive for Covid-19 after undergoing antigen tests when presenting symptoms. Two more players have joined and the seven are recovering at home with their relatives, also affected and with symptoms”. For this reason, the Murcian team requested that the team be postponed to both the RFEF and Valdepeñas.

However, the club points out that the RFEF Competition Judge “has dismissed the postponement considering that we have enough players, four from the first team and a youth player who made his debut last week against Ribera Navarra”. For this reason the club has decided to present an appeal before the National Committee of Second Instance of the RFEF to request the postponement again since “the minimum conditions to play a First Division match do not exist”.


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