Elon Musk still wants McDonalds to accept Dogecoin

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has again announced that he is a Dogecoin (DOGE) supporter. This is how Musk responded to a series of Tweets from McDonalds and to a question from someone from the DOGE community.

Positive about crypto

McDonalds tweeted “What did I miss yesterday”, to which Binance responded with “Lots of green candles”.

It is not the first time that McDonalds has been positive about cryptos, but they were positive about it again. They responded to Binance with the comment “Wagmi”, which is an acronym for “We are going to make it all”. This is often used in the crypto world to build trust and encourage the community not to lose hope. Musk then responded to McDonalds with the text “Oh hi lol.”

Uncertain whether Dogecoin will actually become a payment method at McDonalds

Then someone from the DOGE community retrieved a Tweet from January 2022 in which Musk indicated that he would eat a televised Happy Meal if McDonald’s started accepting Dogecoun as a payment method. When asked if this was still the case, Musk responded with “100%.”

However, it is not yet certain how likely it is that McDonald’s will actually accept Dogecoin as a payment method. When Musk posted his original tweet, Dogecoin rose by double digits. However, the fast food chain has not yet made a serious response to accepting Dogecoin.

While the company can of course still respond to Musk’s Tweet, it seems more likely that they are simply looking for free publicity and engagement with the crypto community.

Despite this, McDonald’s is a part of the Bitcoin and broader crypto community to some extent. Among Bitcoiners, it is common in times of falling prices to see the future, after the hard price losses, as an employee at McDonald’s. Whether Elon Musk can convince the fast food chain to accept Dogecoin as payment, however, remains to be seen in conclusion.

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