Home World Elon Musk soon questioned by Twitter lawyers

Elon Musk soon questioned by Twitter lawyers

Elon Musk soon questioned by Twitter lawyers

Elon Musk can’t back down. The billionaire and boss of SpaceX, attacked by Twitter after having expressed the wish to give up buying the social network, will have to answer questions from the lawyers of the American giant. The deposition will take place in private, at the offices of a law firm representing Twitter. It will take place on September 26, 27 and “if necessary” on September 28, specifies a document added to the file on Tuesday.

According to the Delaware Courts site where the proceedings are taking place, this deposition should help teams prepare for trial by having a better idea of ​​what the opposing side will say on the stand. The trial should in this case be held from October 17 to 21.

Banks, lawyers and companies interviewed

Elon Musk announced last April his intention to become the owner of the microblogging site. But he finally said in early July that he was terminating the deal on the grounds that the San Francisco-based company allegedly lied about the proportion of fake accounts on its platform. Twitter had then filed a complaint for the transaction to be completed.

The parties have, as part of the preparation for the trial, ordered dozens of people, banks or companies to come and answer questions or provide documents. Ex-Twitter boss Jack Dorsey was to be interviewed himself on Tuesday.

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