Elon Musk raises direct money to buy Twitter to $33.5 billion

Elon Musk raised to $ 33.5 billion the amount contributed directly by the entrepreneur and his partners for the takeover of Twitter, Wednesday, May 25, further lowering the amount borrowed from banks.

After the announcement, the action of the bluebird group soared in trading after the close of Wall Street. Around 10 p.m. GMT, the title took more than 5%.

The chief executive of Tesla, who had initially subscribed for 25.5 billion loans, lowered these loans to 13 billion dollars, according to a document registered on Wednesday by the American authority of the markets (SEC), which considerably lightens his load. financial.

New direct commitments

At the beginning of May, several existing shareholders of Twitter had already agreed to contribute their shares to the operation and thus remain a minority within the capital once the company is delisted.

The valuation of their titles reduced the envelope that Elon Musk had to put on the table. On Wednesday, the SpaceX founder announced that he had received new direct commitments, which allowed him to reduce the amount of loans taken out for the acquisition by an additional 6.25 billion. He did not specify whether this amount came, in whole or in part, from his personal assets, or whether other investors had joined him.

The $12.5 billion in loans that were ultimately not needed had worried some analysts because they were loans backed by Tesla securities. They thus created a link with the car manufacturer, which had displeased the market.

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