Elon Musk: his technique to know if a candidate is lying on his CV

A multitude of professional experiences, a perfect command of English and, what a coincidence, interests common to those of the recruiter. Beautifying your resume is a fairly common practice, and Elon Musk has grappled with it.

It is said that the Tesla boss even became an expert in the art of detecting liars. He unveiled his method at a press conference, recounts Lemon press.

Elon Musk explained that it is enough to ask the same question several times to a candidate. Specifically, ask him, “What are the big problems you faced and how did you overcome them?”

By demanding precise details on such personal anecdotes, Elon Musk says he can unearth the lies. A technique that he considers “infallible”.

The founder of SpaceX recalled that he did not care about the prestige of the diploma or the amount of professional experiences. Seeks talent “with exceptional qualities, out of the ordinary.” The doctorate in materials physics is also not helpful for applying to Tesla’s new recruiting drive. Notice to fans …

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