Elon Musk assures that his AI will seek to “understand the nature of the universe”

The tycoon Elon Musk assured this Monday that his artificial intelligence (AI) project will try to "understand the nature of the universe" and will always seek the truth, compared to the chatbots developed by OpenAI or Google, which "they are being trained to be politically correct".

In an interview on Fox News, Musk compared this tendency to political correctness with telling falsehoods on Twitter -a social network he owns-, for which he advocated building a "third option"against the dominance of Google and OpenAI, which has a financing agreement with Microsoft.

Last Friday, the Financial Times (FT) announced Musk’s intention to join the chatbot race with artificial intelligence and launch his own company to compete with Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

In his interview on Fox, Musk acknowledged that "he comes late" on the run, but who hopes that his project "do more good than harm".

In this sense, the tycoon, who has been very critical of the rapid advances in artificial intelligence, ventured that an AI that seeks to understand the universe will not want to annihilate humanity, since humans are "an interesting part of the universe".

During the interview, Musk expressed his concern about the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence, which according to the businessman could lead to the destruction of humans.

Musk is a co-founder of OpenAI, was one of its early investors and rose to serve as co-chairman. However, in 2018 it became a limited partnership (LP) and Musk left his board of directors.

The tycoon has criticized the company on several occasions, and especially for its alleged ideological bias against conservative politicians like Donald Trump.

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"The danger of training AI to be "woke" -in other words, to lie- is deadly"Musk has come to write on Twitter.

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