Elon Musk: AI can ‘take over’ humanity to achieve world peace

Musk’s vision of the future of artificial intelligence could put us humans “under strict control” for our own good.

Two possible scenarios for AI

Elon Musk has described two possible scenarios when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI): an optimistic scenario in which AI has a beneficial economic impact, and one in which AI has the potential to take on the role of global peacekeeper, something he even labeled as a possible “uber nanny”.

In this hypothetical situation, AI would put human safety above all else by taking control of all computer networks and weapon systems on Earth.

Musk said the following during a interview with the Wall Street Journal:

One way to achieve world peace is to take all weapons from the people so that they can no longer use them. I don’t think the AI ​​will try to destroy all of humanity, but it could put us under strict control.

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted that the first application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will most likely be in weapons technology. He issued a warning of the potential emergence of “Drone Wars,” a scenario in which advanced countries with significant AI and drone capabilities could compete against each other. He also expressed concern about the short-term dangers of disinformation and election interference.

“One of the first places we should be wary of using AI is on social media to manipulate public opinion”said Musk.

A handy solution? Get verified on Twitter, he suggested.

Artificial General Intelligence

Musk emphasized that we may see the evolution of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) within the next decade. AGI denotes a form of AI that can learn and perform any intellectual task a human can perform.

Despite this, he also pointed to a more hopeful possibility, which he described as “the optimistic scenario” for AI. In this scenario, the costs of various products could drop dramatically.

“In terms of access to goods and services, I think AI will usher in an era of abundance,” said Musk.

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